June 14, 2024

S2, E06 - Human Rights Law and Workplace Diversity with Rabiah Khawaja

In this episode we delve into the deep area of Human Rights Law, primarily across humanitarian, immigration and family, with a Senior Associate from Cavell Leitch named Rabiah Khawaja.

Sam and Rabiah begin with touching on live, real world issues and what sort of humanitarian responses New Zealand provides and how effective that is. Responses are allocated, but proportions of relief are not always the same.

Migrants that are effected by war-torn countries or have had their families or homes lost in significant natural disasters are supported by Rabiah's work to assist refugees. One might need to hold back the tears when seeing, hearing and dealing with what she does on a daily basis.

And unfortunately this conversation didn't get much brighter with respect to our last conversation point, being domestic violence amongst not only Kiwis but also migrants. There seems to be a lack of awareness of migrant's human rights throughout such a traumatising ordeal where no one should have to suffer through such a thing.

Migrant workers exploitation has become a real thing and the Visa's that support these workers has come under scrutiny. There have been numerous reports over the last two years that bring the NZ accredited employers being put under review.

In today's working world where workplace flexibility and a day a week from home is expected, naturally diversity is more prominent. Rabiah discusses how having a wider view of the world and its legal issues can help with team collaboration and building personal connections.

This is a conversation for someone with a real passion for helping people, even amongst some tough situations. You can tune into this conversation on your favourite podcast platform or follow the link below.