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Chisholm Clarke is a legal search firm that provides lawyers with a private and professional approach to ​search. With a deep understanding of the legal market, we connect talented lawyers with ideal opportunities, prioritising their career success and fulfillment above all else.

We provide the following services

Career Guidance

We listen to your career summary, factor in market and life elements, and provide sound advice to benefit your current situation.

Legal Recruitment

We can help prepare you for the open market with a professional audit, approach to ideal workplaces, negotiations and job placements.

Client Consulting

There are Firms we have long working histories with, who like to be made aware of great people and candidates as they search.

What other Lawyers are saying

I had the pleasure of working with Sam and was extremely happy with the experience. What sets him apart is his dedication to assisting you in securing employment that aligns with your values and the best offer in the circumstances. Sam's expertise, deep understanding of the market, and professionalism are evident in every step of the process. He kept me up to date and still regularly checks in. I highly recommend Sam if you require expert guidance for your job search.

Tilly T

"Sam was a pleasure to work with. He regularly kept me up to date and not once did I have to follow up for anything, which I really appreciated. Sam is genuine, considerate and was very helpful with his advice. Would definitely recommend Sam to anyone looking for a job or career change."

Pereen S

"Sam was fantastic to deal with. I felt he had my best interests in mind throughout the entire recruiting experience and I felt confident working with him to secure a role in a law firm that aligns with my values. I would recommend working with Sam to anyone looking for a change in their work!"

Liz R

"I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah. She has been attentive and supportive throughout the recruitment process, and has been a pleasure to work with. I have always been kept in the loop. Sarah has done all she can to help with the move for me and my family. First class"

Brent M

"Sarah is an excellent recruitment consultant and so great to work with. Personal, professional and committed; she made my job search so much less stressful and I was comfortable knowing that Sarah was representing me in the best possible light to employers."

Abi B

"Sam was incredible in helping me secure employment. I got in contact with Sam while I was living in London and he promptly got my CV and profile set up and sent out to prospective employers in Christchurch. The professionalism that was shown and the clear guidance I was given throughout the process was invaluable. The constant updates in the job market, the quick responses to emails and the interview prep before each interview means that I would happily recommend Sam."

Layton W

"Sarah Wilson was wonderful to work with. She was friendly, personable and genuinely enthusiastic about what she does. Her communication throughout the process was excellent. It was a great experience which resulted in my being placed in a fantastic role."

Kat W

"I found Sarah great to deal with. With high levels of communication and professionalism, Sarah made the process of securing my next position run very smoothly. Would not hesitate to recommend or use her services again in the future."

Chris C

"Sarah is energetic, intuitive and a wonderful person to deal with. Job is wonderful, just like it was advertised and the process was seamless but thorough. I felt cared for throughout the process, and it felt authentic and warm. Thank you Sarah."

Mary D

"I had the fortune and pleasure of working with Sam recently. He was professional and friendly through the whole process. He is very knowledgeable in his field and pays attention to details so that he can tailor his services to your personal needs. I highly recommend working with Sam"

Reyma H

"Sam was a pleasure to work with. He regularly kept me updated and not once did I have to follow up for anything, which I really appreciated. Sam is genuine, considerate, detailed and very helpful with his advice - I would highly recommend Sam to anyone looking for a career/job change and would gladly work with him again."

Pereen S

"Sam was fantastic to deal with. I felt he had my best interests in mind throughout my entire experience with him and felt confident working alongside him to secure a role in a law firm that aligns with my values. He is professional, efficient and easy to work with. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for a change!"

Liz R

"I recently engaged Sarah to assist me in my search for new job opportunities and she was an absolute dream to work with! Sarah is candidate focused and really went out of her way to find opportunities which were a fit for my wants/needs. Sarah made the job search an incredibly seamless process, and it was nice knowing I always had someone in my corner to turn to and celebrate the wins with. I could not recommend Sarah's services enough!"

Greer C

“Sam is an amazing person to work with and definitely has his client's best interests at heart. He's a great communicator, knowledgeable and always has his finger on the pulse of the local job market. The interview tips I received from Sam were invaluable and key to securing the position I applied for. I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone looking for a career change.”

Mike H

“Through Sam I secured my dream job! Sam has given me invaluable practical advise in relation to presenting myself, interview techniques and the right questions to ask. Sam was not only professional but he really took the time to listen to what I was saying and aligned me with a job that spoke to my values! I am forever grateful to Sam, he really is the best Agent one can find."

Sumit K

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