Privacy, collection and protection of personal information

We take your privacy super seriously

Having gained insight to big business, corporate recruitment, database and information sharing, we at Chisholm Clarke have streamlined our approach.
The protection of your name and current employment is our core focus when entering the market, giving you the peace of mind when testing the waters.

What we do

Chisholm Clarke is a legal search firm that delivers sound career guidance and job placement services for Lawyers in New Zealand. We also support national employers with their talent needs by matching the skills, experience and desires of our candidates with their requirements. We do not work in any labour on-hire or hourly rate markets, rather placing lawyers in full time, permanent or fixed term contract work.

In order to make a placement valid, we have a rigorous, dual-managed compliance model between us and the new employer of the candidate. More detail about this can be individually requested.

How we protect you

Through our consultation and profiling phase, we can receive and securely store all personal documents and information, read on for more information on this.
When actively entering the market or having representation on our website, we can anonymously summarise your profile to gain interest, and if its reciprocated, can release your details - but only with your direct permission.
We set one last layer of protection in the email subject, reminding the recipient to treat this information as private and confidential.


Once your approved information has reached its destination, there is not much we can do. Understand that by the time we have reached this point, you will need to be comfortable in knowing your name is with someone else, and their actions are beyond our reasonable control.

Collection of personal data

Personal data is information relating to an identified or identifiable person.

We will only collect personal data that we are permitted to collect by law on a jurisdictional bases. Further are the types of data we collect: identity, contact, historical, employment-related, verification, financial, diversity, technical, medical, social, marketing, criminal and and right to work. For further explanation on one or all of these points, please contact us. Sensitive information will be handled in context, with a collaborative plan to manage.

How we collect data

We generally collect your personal data directly from you, unless it is already made available through online platforms such as social media. We do this when dealing with you in person, over the phone or email, when you submit a CV or register with us as a Candidate, subscribe to job alerts or emails about articles, attend an event provide us with feedback.

We may also use third parties to acquire relevant information about you, for the purposes of assessing your suitability for employment with a new client or at the instruction of a client considering you for employment.

Storage and protection or your data

Through our consultation and profiling phase, we can receive and securely store all personal documents and information, until such time you request its deletion and discontinued use. Data is grouped and stored on our server and cloud-based database without duplicates. No files are downloaded to desktops, hard drives or printed in hard copy. Sensitive information may be used then deleted within appropriate timeframes. We have in place an appropriate level of security around your personal data.

How we use your data

Your personal information will not be sent anywhere without seeking your permission first. Your personal information will be handled by us in order to provide career guidance, recruitment services or matching that we deem appropriate for you in order to assess your suitability. With permission, we can submit your personal information to a prospective employer on behalf of you for the purposes of facilitating an introduction.

From time to time inform you of new relevant articles, updates in your job search parameters, seek referrals or conduct screening or references .
It will also be used to improve our customer experience to make the way we operate better for you, usually via email, phone, video or in person.

Dual-managed compliance

During our Job Placement service, to make a transaction valid, the new Employer and Agency require supporting documentation. This comes in the form of an Application for Employment, Registration and Disclosure, Qualifications and Transcripts, Right to Work, clear MOJ, 2x References that need to be accepted by the new Employer, counter-signed Individual Employment Agreement, Terms of Business and agreed salary and start.

Your rights

By New Zealand's governing law, you can determine your rights in respect of your personal information by having the right to be informed, the right of access, the right to have inaccuracies corrected, the right to delete, restrict or personally handle the processing, the right to object or withdraw consent or complain.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time. Changes will be notified on our website seven (7) days before taking effect.