Environmental Policy

Save the trees

Chisholm Clarke is 100% paperless work environment, preferring the power of software over the consumption of trees.
In addition, every Lawyer we help secure a new role, we give back to the Earth by acquiring and planting a native tree in a local reserve.

Reduced footprint

With our headquarters being based in Christchurch, it is often easy to bike to work and take the car off the road.
Attending meetings in the central city are often travelled to on foot, unless a candidate would prefer to meet somewhere remote for privacy reasons.
As we work around the country, it could be easy to accrue miles flying around the country. We opt for select visits and again, the power of technology connecting us through video.

Giving is great

As part of our candidate care, every Lawyer we help secure a new role receives a gift basket. This is normally loaded with a funky house plant and pot, organic chocolates, scented candle and a hand-written card.
Chisholm Clarke is a supporter of KidsCan, sponsors a Canterbury club rugby team and a Christchurch-based social cricket team that plays in a local and international competition.