November 29, 2023

S1, E04 - Emma Matson on Commercial Law in Private Practice vs In-house

In this episode we explore Emma's backgrounds in Private Practice (8 years) and her In-house Government experience (8 years), and discuss the differences she has experienced first hand between the two of them, in the field of Corporate Commercial Law.

Emma began her career as a Russell McVeagh Scholar and moved to the capital for the biggest opportunity of her young career. She spent 4 years learning the ropes of a large corporate culture before moving to a new mid-tier firm in Morrison Mallett.

Having amassed some 8 years in Private Practice, Emma decided to try her hand fighting the good fight and moved into a Government role, and hasn't looked back. The lingering questions are - What was her preference and why? How did the day to day work differ? What was the cultural and working environment change like? What about the people? We could go on forever.

This episode is for the curious Lawyer sitting on one side of the fence potentially keen to consider the other. Listen in to Em's story and hear for yourself her opinion on the matter. You can find this episode below or wherever you listen to your podcasts and please leave us a rating so we can produce more of the kinds of conversations you want to hear.

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