As an emerging practice area expert or skilled broad practitioner, you are highly sought after. Depending on your ambitions, taking on more responsibility often happens here.


Associates need to have:

  • A Bachelor of Laws (LLB), completed Professional Legal Studies course and a current Practicing Certificate

  • Have a reliable and practiced skillset that can be put under pressure

  • Can direct and delegate to juniors, leads by example

  • An idea of the bigger picture
  • Developing business development and leaderships skills

Day to day

Associates may do some or all of the following:

  • Give legal advice to clients, including families, businesses and individuals

  • Research and study details of the law and examine legal arguments

  • Prepare legal documents depending on their practice area, for review by a Supervisor if required

  • Prepare and manage communication for clients, third parties and governing bodies

  • Handle clients' confidential information, represent them to the best of your ability, and charge them fairly

  • Appear in court, sometimes running own files


The range for Associates follows the Senior Solicitors because usually they are the most in-demand, but larger variance in the bottom and top end.

  • Top Tier, Large National Practice = $95 - 130,000 per annum

  • Large National = $90 - 125,000 per annum

  • Large Local = $85 - 120,000 per annum
  • Local Mid-tier = $80 - 100,000 per annum

  • Small / Boutique = $75 - 100,000 per annum



  • with 5+ years of experience and some overseas travel or experience, your profile is usually high in demand

  • If your skill set matches your experience and the client is impressed, normally a higher salary can be negotiated

  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and technical prowess in pursuit of the next step up

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